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The Auto Pouch Bag filler is a novel design to mechanise the end of line packaging process of the pouches coming from a
vertical form filling and sealing machine ( VFFS )

  • The pouches from the VFFS machine is elevated through a cleated elevating conveyor
  • Inline pressure testing conveyor kept above the elevating conveyor is used to check the leakages of the pouches coming
    out of the VFFS machine
  • The pouches are counted as per the set value
  • Bags are held through specially designed bag holders
  • The bags are filled with pouches to the set value and indexed to the next station for down stream top stitching
  • Fully PLC controlled
  • Electrical Indexing system
  • Ensures complete safety of the operators
  • Optional additional facility for twin track pouch filling machines
  • The machine automatically erect cartons and fill it with pouches through suitable pick and place system or stacking system