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Batch Size Range: 50/100/150/250/500/1000 kgs per batch

Optional Configuration:
  a. Main Mixer with oil phase and water phase vessel
  b. Main Mixer with one phase kettle
  c. Main Mixer without phase kettle
  d. With or without homogenizer
  e. Cream plant with or without Platforms and utilities

Adhisakthi's Exclusive Option: Fully automatic batch weighing system.

Salient Features of the Plant

  • The main mixer stirrer comprise of the option between Semi Contra/ Contra Rotary/ Planetary/ Anchor type with
    vacuum  facility and jacketed for heating/ cooling requirements.
  • The agitator selection is designed suitably to mix product of higher viscosity effectively.
  • Product contact points are made of SS 316L
  • The main mixer is supported with phase vessel for water phase or oil phase preparation as per the customer's choice
  • Material from the phase vessel will be transferred to the main mixer by vacuum or transfer pump.
  • The blades keep the material effectively dispersed by adequate turbulence.
  • The hinged scraper in the main mixer keeps the product in constant movement and ensures clean side walls for effective heat transfer between the side jacket and product.
  • Homogenizer is provided as an optional attachment based on customer preference.
    The Homogenizer attached at the bottom with re-circulation arrangement colloids the product to a fine paste due to high shear speed and milling  through perforated holes.
  • Re-circulation of the mass back to the main vessel ensures 99% of the product getting mixed thoroughly.
  • The main mixer and phase vessel are mounted on a ergonomically designed SS platform.
  • Interconnecting pipelines are electro polished and fitted with suitable filters.
Top Dish
  • The top dish supports the agitation assembly which comprises of the following provisions
  • 400 mm dia manhole/ 100 mm dia light glass/ 25 mm Wax phase inlet/25 mm Water phase inlet
  • 40 mm dia vacuum nozzle with safety valve, gauge and vent filter
  • 25 mm dia Nitrogen Gas supply nozzle
  • 50 mm dia Circulation nozzle
  • 50 mm dia Butterfly discharge valve
  • 10 mm dia temperature Sensor
Oil phase and Water phase vessel
  • Product contact points: SS316L, Class 4B (mirror finish)
  • The vessel is jacketed for steam and cold water circulation made up of SS304.
  • Jacket is insulated with mineral wool and cladded with SS 304 2 mm sheet.
  • The jacket is provided with 2 nos. 40 BSP sockets for inlet and outlet
  • Vessel is supported by 3 nos. of leg along with the load cell mounting.
  • The top dish supports the propeller type agitation assembly.
Electrical Control Panel
  • The electrical control panel houses the complete controls for the cream plant.
  • The motors of the main vessel and phase vessel will have variable frequency drive.
  • The panel is fitted with calibrated RPM indicators.
  • Digital temperature indicators are provided for the jacket and the inner vessels to measure the temperature of the  jacket and the product.
  • MMI control panels are provided as an optional accessory for fully automatic plants working on load cell and SCADA  controls.
General Specifications
  • The total plant will be made in a state of the art manner confirming to GMP Standards.
  • Electrical material will comply to the safety norms with the conformity certificate from the supplier
  • Complete catalogs covering the supplied material, operational instruction, maintenance manual, spare parts list will be provided
  • List of documents for DQ/ IQ/ OQ will be provided
  • Test certificates will be submitted for SS 316 L and contact points
  • Hydro test certificates will be enclosed along with the documents
Trolley Mounted Stirrer
  • Trolley mounted stirrer is used for stirring liquids kept in movable trolleys.
  • The trolley mounted stirrer is fitted on a tripod stand fitted with wheels for movement
  • Stirrer is kept in an inclined fashion which is adjustment and tiltable
  • Flame proof motor is provided with 360 rpm final drive to stir with propeller type stirrer or scowl's disc.
  • PTFE Coated Stirrer helps in the mixing of Acids.
Planetary mixer
  • PLM Efficiently Combines Liquid and Solid Particles to From Paste Under Vacuum or without vacuum.
  • Planetary Rotation of Beaters provide uniform product mix
  • Batter Beater/Drop Center Beater with Scraper Blade to Suit Product/Process
  • Materials May Be Either Charged on Open Cover Or by Vacuum Feed.
  • Large Quantities of Material From Phase Vessel Is Sucked Efficiently by Vacuum
  • Bottom vessel is movable with non marking castor wheels
  • Top Main Stirrer Speed-10-60 RPM, Driven by 1 HP Motor with Suitable Gear Box
  • Motor: Cropton/Kirloskar Make-FLP and Gearbox-Radicon/Elecon?Santhi
  • Shaft is Supported Through A Heavy Duty Bearing Houshing with Mechanical Seals
  • Lifting of Top Lid Through Manual (Motorized/Hydraulic Arrangement-Optional)
Main Vessel
Batch Size in kgs. 150 250 500 1000
Contact Parts SS 316SS 316SS 316SS 316
Minimum Batch Size75150300600
Power Required in KW2.
Dimension (DxH)650x900850x9501000x13001200x1700
Top Lid Opening Screw rod/ HydraulicScrew rod/ HydraulicNANA
Weight (Approx. ) in Kgs1250150017502600
In Built Heating SystemOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Vacuum Pump (KW)2.203.755.507.50
Type of StirrerSemi Contra/ ContraSemi Contra/ ContraSemi Contra/ ContraSemi Contra/ Contra
Phase Vessel Attachment Optional Optional Optional Optional
Stirrer Speed (RPM) Up to 40 Up to 40 Up to 40 Up to 40
Homogeniser Speed (RPM)Up to 2800Up to 2800Up to 2800Up to 2800

Phase Vessel
Model PHV-50 PHV-150 PHV-300 PHV-600
Batch Size in Kgs.50150300600
Contact PartsSS 316SS 316SS 316SS 316
Minimum Batch size in Kgs.3075200350
Power Required in KW0.751.12.23.75
Dimension (DxH)500x700650x750800x1000950x1350
Top Lid Opening HemisphericalHemisphericalHemisphericalHemispherical
Weight (Approx. ) in Kgs65090011501700
Type of StirrerPropeller/ Anchor/ Schowl'sPropeller/ Anchor/ Schowl'sPropeller/ Anchor/ Schowl'sPropeller/ Anchor/ Schowl's
Stirrer Speed (RPM)Up to 960Up to 960Up to 960Up to 960
Depends Products nature

Specifications are subject to change as a part of continuous improvement.