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Servo Based Auger Powder Filling Machine

Fully Automatic Powder Filling Machine

Stand Alone Electro Magnetic Clutch Type Auger
Auger Filling Machine
  • Powder filling machine is used to fill powders, granules etc. used in pharma, foods, and cosmetic industries.
  • Product like dry syrup, granules, talcum powders, masala can be filled in to the bottles/ containers.
  • The conical auger compresses the powder and dispenses in to the container.
  • We supply single auger semi automatic machines to multiple auger fully automatic machines.
  • The machine is supplied with automatic bottle feeding, cleaning, filling, capping and induction sealing lines.
The Speed of the Machine depends upon the following criteria
  • Type of Powder
  • Shape of container
  • Mouth diameter of the container etc.
  • The Speed ranges from 20 pcs per minutes to 120 pcs per minute depending upon the number of Augers.
  • The machines may be custom built to the requirement of the customers.
Types of Auger Filling Machine
  • Servo Based Auger type
  • Electro magnetic clutch brake type
  • Stand alone filling machine
  • Filling machine with infeed conveyor