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Cage Mill
Cage Mill
  • The cage mill is often termed as Super Siever can crush, pulverise, grind and blend powders/ abrasive materials.
  • It can pulverise even sticky and powder materials to homogenous mass.
  • Break the lumps from the powder mass coming out of blender.
  • The machine is useful for the manufacturing process of food products, pharmaceutical products, detergent powders , pesticide powders, Industrial chemicals etc.
  • Rigid cylindrical shell comprises of SS / MS construction as per the product requirements
  • Bottom trough is made of SS perforated mesh
  • The perforated mesh size depends upon the final particle size required
  • SS blades are used to break the lumps into powder form
  • User friendly removal of SS perforated sheets for cleaning purposes
  • Relatively consumes lesser power than other machines
  • Compact machinery and occupies very less space
  • Ends are suitably sealed.
  • Quick opening system for periodic inspection and maintenance.

Technical Specifications


Aspro-CM-250 Aspro-CM-500 Aspro-CM-1000 Aspro-CM-2000 Aspro-CM- 4000
Output (Kgs/Hr) Upto 250 Upto 500 Upto 1000 Upto 2000 Upto 4000
Contact Parts MS / SS SS /MS MS MS MS
Preforated Sheet SS304 SS304 SS304 SS304 SS304
Power Required 0.75KW 2.2KW 3.7KW 5.5KW 7.5KW
Dimension (LxBxH) 1000x700x900 1250x1000x1200 1500x800x1800 2000x950x200 2500x1250x2150
Weight (Approx.) in Kgs 400 550 800 980 1300