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Rightly designed material handling system suiting to the layout and product characteristics plays a vital role in productivity improvement of any industry.  We design such conveying systems matching to the product and industry needs. 

1.Belt conveyors:

  • Wide range of conveyors are designed and manufactured by us suiting to the needs of the customers.
  • The belts are made of PVC, PU, Rubber, Canvas etc.,
  • Conveyors are constructed with SS / MS material as per customer requirements
  • Main drives will be of Bonfiglioli make geared motors
  • Belts with cleats are supplied for inclined conveying applications
  • Trough type belt Conveyors are supplied to carry bulk powders
  • Belts are selected depending upon the coefficient of friction

1.Plain belt Conveyors 
2.Conveyors with SS side plates 
3.Trough type Rubber belt conveyors 
4.Cleated belt conveyors 

2.Screw Conveyors : 
Screw Conveyors are made in different designs viz 
1 U trough Conveyors 
2.Pipe Screw Conveyors 
3.Multi Screw Conveyors

  • U trough conveyors are built to convey powder materials in a horizontal surface
  • Inclined Screw Conveyors are made with the help of pipes
  • Multi Screw Conveyors are built to break lumps and provide a uniform transfers and feed rates
  • MS / SS constructions are available suiting to different needs 

3. Roller Conveyors 

  • Roller conveyors are made to carry heavy materials like cartons, crates etc.
  • Idle roller conveyors are supplied to convey materials from first floor to ground floor
  • Powered roller conveyors are used to convey material on horizontal surfaces 

4.Bucket Elevators : 

  • Bucket elevators are used to transfer powders, granules etc vertically up to the required height
  • SS / MS buckets are supplied suiting to the product and output requirement
  • SS / MS shells are also made as per customer requirement
  • Belts of Canvas 1 Rubber make and chain based elevating systems are also used 

5.Roller Cum Belt Conveyors: 

  • Roller cum belt conveyors are provided to convey heavy bags
  • Bulk bags and gunny bags can be carried
  • SS / MS construction options available
  • Belts will be of special grade with roughness to handle heavy bags 

6.Multi Screw Conveyors : 

  • Multi Screw Conveyor Is Used for Conveying Bulk Mass Unloaded From Mixer
  • Four Screw Combination Is Designed to Take Up the Load of Over 500 Kg Batch Size
  • Screws Will Be Driven by suitable Motor with Planetary Gear Box
  • Spur Gear Train to Transmit Uniform Load to Remaining Screws
  • Screws Are Completely Made of SS 304/MS as per customer requirements
  • Screws Will Break the Lumps and Feed Uniformly to the Next Stage
  • Variable Speed Drive Will Be Fitted to the Screw at Optional Extra Cost

7.Slat Chain Conveyors 

  • Slat chain conveyors are used to convey bottles/containers etc for filling and packing applications
  • SS slats, PVC slats or Nylon Slats are supplied as options
  • UMHDPE wear strips are provided at the bottom of the slats to reduce wear and tear
  • Smooth guides and supports are provided for extended belt life
  • SS / MS base constructions are given as per needs 

8.Modular Conveyors

  • Plastic modular conveyors are suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Highly suitable for cooling and curing conveyors
  • Bends of right angle orientation can be made
  • Different widths can be chosen
  • Easy removal and refitment
  • UMHDPE wear strips are provided 

9.Flex Link Conveyors : 

  • Flex link conveyors are widely used for end line packaging automations
  • Suitable to convey products in a complicated layout also
  • Complete systems are bought from FLEXLINK and assembled as per customer requirements 

10. Pneumatic Elevators:

  • Powders of different particles can be conveniently elevated to different heights
  • Depending upon the location, product nature, moisture level, Humidity, Process requirements, Capacity etc the following system of pneumatic conveying are designed 


* Dust free environment unlike other methods of conveying