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The hot filling line is designed to fill flats tin/plastic containers with balm, white petroleum jelly, ointment, shoe polish etc. where uniform surface finish is expected.

Fully automatic flat feeding, coding, online vision based checking system, hot filling, cooling and capping system is the specialty of our machine.

Following are types of Filling system offered by Adhisakthi.
1.Volumetric displacement pumps imported from United States
2.Timer based filling system through solenoid valves.
  • Online cooling system fitted with  hepa filters
  • The cooling duct is completely insulated SS 304 cladding sheet with PUF material
  • Both top and bottom flats are automatically elevated to the orientors/ Feeders
  • Natural cooling system is provided as optional
  • All product contact points are made of SS 316
  • Machinery is covered fully with SS304/MS powder coated sheets based on customer requirements
  • Fully controlled with PLC/ PLD based computer software
  • Speed of the line ranges from 50 pcs per minute to 750 pcs per minute.