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  • Triple Roll Mill is used to mill, refine, homogenous, flake thick paste materials to thin sheet forms.
  • Application of the triple roll mill are found in most industries where fine smooth finish is required without gritty substances.
  • ADHISAKTHI manufactures triple roll mill with both chilled cast steel rolls or of SS constructions depending upon customer requirements.
  • The rolls rotate opposite to each other at varying speeds.
  • Gaps between the rolls are adjustable.
  • End scrapers are provided to enable material discharge which are adjustable.
  • Drip trays provided to avoid spillages.
  • Rexroth coupling at the roll sides enable chilled water circulation in to the rolls.
Model Aspro-TRM-100 Aspro-TRM-250 Aspro-TRM-500 Aspro-TRM-1000 Aspro-TRM-2000
Output (Kgs/Hr) Up to 100 Up to 250 Up to 500 Up to 1000 Up to 2000
Roll Diameter / Length in mm 150x400 200x500 250x600 300x700 400x900
Roll MOC Chilled Cast Steel Roll With Hardened SS sleeve
Power Required in KW 2.2 KW 7.5 KW 15.0 KW 22.5 KW 30 KW
Roller Speed in RPM-Slow 90 90 85 85 80
Middler Roller 145 145 130 130 120
Fast Roller 220 220 195 1995 180
Dimension (LxBxH) 1400x950x1050 1900x1000x1150 2500x1100x1150 2600x1500x1200 2850x1550x1200
Weight (Approx) in Kgs 350 1130 2450 3700 3950
* Production rate depends upon the material characteristics
Specification are subject to change as apart of continuous improvement