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The bottle filling and capping machine is used to fill Liquids in glass, Plastic PET bottles, Containers etc., And automatically cap it with the option of screw caps and snap fit caps.

Following products can be filled in to containers 

  • Liquids ( Oil, Syrup, Medicine, Eye drops, Adhesives, Shampoo, Pesticides etc )
  • Semi Solids ( Gels, Lotions, Creams etc )

Three different models of machines are available

  • Elliptical PUC based filling machine
  • Rotary Indexing Type based filling machine
  • Linear filling System with multi head pumps

Elliptical PUC Based Filling Machine

  • The machine runs on elliptical run way intermittent motion mechanism with conveyor chain system
  • Containers are held in PUCs for filling and Capping operations
  • Highly suitable for flat bottom and odd shaped plastic containers which are not stable to travel on a flat conveyor
  • FERGUSON INDEXING SYSTEM  is used to achieve accuracy of indexing and higher speed per nozzle
  • Speed up to 120 pcs per minute
  • Higher productivity rates
  • Fully automatic filling, cap elevating, capping, ejection and online inspection system
  • Direct link up provision for online coding and labeling requirements
  • Occupies very less space
  • Filling accuracy +/- 0.5 %
  • Product contact parts are made of SS 316L and Covers of SS 304 
  • Unique and simple change over system
  • Automatic pick and place ejection mechanism. (Auto depucking)
  • Option of 4 Heads & 6 Heads are available.
  • Fully PLC controlled with HMI Panel. 

Rotary Indexing type filling machine

  • The machine work on a rotary indexing table of 6/8/10 stations configuration
  • Driven through ferguson indexing drive
  • Fully PLC controlled
  • The machine is compatible for Container filling, nitrogen flushing, plugging screw capping and induction sealing.
  • Product contact points will be made of SS 304/SS316/SS316L
  • Pneumatic cut off system to ensure no tail over after filling
  • All pneumatic Cylinders are of FESTO / SMC make
  • Sensors of BANNER/Omron make, No container - No fill - No capping interlocks
  • Speed up to 100 pcs /min
  • Safety Guards with micro switch interlock
  • The machine is compatible to fill, plug and cap eye drops, pharmaceutical products in GMP standards.
  • Auto feeding system for Inner plugs
  • Auto elevating & orientation system for caps. 

Linear filling system with multi head pumps

  • The machine is suitable for round and stable containers
  • Rotary unscrambler & SS Slat chain conveyors for containers infeed
  • Pneumatic Jet locks at the filling stations
  • Multiple syringe filling options (4, 6, 8 etc.)
  • Dive down nozzle system
  • Link up with capping machine container as optional attachment.
  • Syringe is made of SS 316L / SS 316 / SS 304 as per customer requirement.
  • Wear strips at the bottom of the slat chain
  • Optional linkup with bottle cleaning and washing systems
  • The machine confirms to GMP standards.
Model Aspro-RBF-40 Aspro-EBF-120
Speed Up to 40/ head * Up to 20/ head *
Indexing Orientation Rotary Elliptical
No. of Filling Heads Max. 2 Max. 6
Contact Parts SS 304/ 316 SS 304/ 316
Fill volume 5 ml to 250 ml 5 ml to 250 ml
Filling accuracy + 0.5% + 0.5%
Power Required 1 KW 2 KW
Air Consumption ( CFM ) 30 50
Dimension (LxBxH) 1500x1500x2100mm 855x500x2149mm
Weight (Approx.) 600 kgs. 1300 kgs.
On-line Capping Optional Optional
Final Packing Conveyor Optional Optional
* Depends upon container shape, product, fill volume, container orifice, etc
Specifications are subject to change as a part of continuous improvement.