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Salient Features of Detergent Powder Manufacturing Plant:

Raw materials of solid in nature will be conveyed either mechanically or manually to the batch making floor based on customer preference.

Liquid raw materials are pumped to the day tank kept on the batching floor.

Depending upon the formulation materials are added to the main mixer according to the sequence of addition.

After mixing, material is conveyed to the cage mill for crushing through multi screw conveyor.

The uniformly sized particles out of the cage mill is conveyed through bucket elevator to the storage tank or the passed through the vibrosiever for further refinement.

Vibro screened powder mass is collected in storage trolleys and conveyed to packaging area.

Packaging machinery pack powders in the desired pack size and orientation.

Secondary packaging is done at end of line and conveyed to Bonded storage go down.

Model Description
DPP-4000-Auto Fully Automatic Powder Plant-4000 kgs/hour
DPP-2000-PR Premium Powder Plant-2000 Kgs/hour
DPP-2000 Auto Fully Automatic Powder Plant-2000 kgs/hour
DPP-1000-PR Premium Powder Plant-1000 Kgs/hour
DPP-1000-Auto Fully Automatic Powder Plant-1000 kgs/hour
DPP-1000-MINI Basic Powder Plant-1000 Kgs/hour.
DPP-500-PR Premium Powder Plant-500 Kgs/hour
DPP-500-STD Mechanised Powder Plant-500 Kgs/hour
DPP-500-MINI Basic Powder Plant-500kgs/hour
DPP-250-STD Mechanised Powder Plant-250 kgs/hour
DPP-250-MINI Basic Powder Plant-250 Kgs/hour